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Craig Ferguson + The Late Late Show
C. Ferguson

April Fool’s Day | part I

The Price is Right with Craig Ferguson

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend both shows. We’ll start with the Price is Right. I’ll skip all the boring stuff & get straight to the Craig stuff because holy hell there was a lot! Needless to say, no one in my party was picked, if I had been I’d had gone into cardiac arrest anyway because I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. There was a girl though, that was sitting across from us as my row started to go in & at CBS they have posters of all the shows lining the walls outside & as I walked by I dragged my hand down Craig’s picture & she started dying & when she got called up I was so stoked because she was a huge fan & she wound up winning a shit ton.

First off, Craig was fucking hilarious as usual. Right off the cuff & he was so engaging with audience, something he’s not really one for on his own show. He was so excited & it showed. On top of that, he looked fine as hell in the three-piece suit he was wearing. The first game they did was a particularly complicatedly worded numbers one. The show’s producer had to ask him several times to "do it again but without cussing". He was killing the audience & simultaneously driving the PIR crew insane. They did about 5 takes of Craig stumbling over the wording, explained it a hundred times & wrote it on cards but Craig still messed up but they inevitably moved on. At the end of the show, however, they just did an audio take with Craig reading the directions right off a piece of paper after which Craig mumbled, "Let’s never fucking do this again."

Drew came out during one of the many breaks while the sets changed & Craig called for an "impromptu cutest butt contest" while they were shooting the promos of which Craig most certainly won. The attendees clapped forever but eventually Craig ushered him of stage just as he told us: "You can’t have him, he’s mine."

The show itself was on a roll with every contestant winning & Craig was getting hyped as hell shouting we’re winning everything!” to us when the camera was off. He talked to us more, just asking questions & cracking wise when he was told to do something. Such a little rebel. Secretariat & Geoff were there to help, with Josh coming out to tell us a bit about himself & do a few impressions with Drew’s sidekick, George Gray. Be on the lookout for his podcast that he recorded that day.

Throughout the day the battle between Craig & the producers persisted with Craig politely warning crew members to “Watch the tilt, I can’t read the card” thus ruining a take. It was obvious that Craig worked on a more improv level instead of the mechanical way in which Drew’s show works. It took him a bit, but Craig eventually sank into his job & his enthusiasm  & wit make it clear that his Celebrity Name Game show will be successful as even if he doesn’t get along with” the man” he does with the audience, viewers & the contestant.

They shot a ton of promos for this shit, but my favorite was one where they called Craig to "come on down!" Before they shot it, Craig himself suggested running through the audience, an idea we were all ecstatic with. He made conversation with the people sitting beside him & made fun of them a bit before jogging up & down the aisle for the camera but inevitably when he got back on stage his fly was down after the run. Without skipping a beat he informed us that "this is a prize none of you could afford!" & zipped up & said "just kidding, you could get me for a dollar." I was dying.

A sound issue eventually came up, & Craig bored with having to repeat himself several times started fucking with the tiny microphone, making it slowly fall from his hand every time they were stopped. "It’s getting limp again." He’d say, turning Drew’s precious mic into a flaccid penis. He’s such a gem. 

Craig got in trouble quite a few times because he was busying yapping with us or one of the contestants but the moment the crew was chatting when he needed to film he said: "If y’all want to talk I can wait." & tapped his foot like a sassy bitch as he’d grown more & more perturbed with the face that every once in a while he was asked to have an un-mic’d chat with the director behind the curtain. He was like, "I’m in trouble." & would make a face & mope off. The first time this happened I was overcome with feels & shouted "We still love you!" & everyone laughed & he smiled cheekily. When he wasn’t in trouble & was just going behind the curtain on the left his chest mic would be turned off but you could still hear the loud Scottish bastard chatting with people. Once, the crew asked for absolute silence & you could just hear Craig say something about something being "moist" that resulted in everyone backstage busting out laughing. I’d listen in to him every time & remember him cussing a lot & everything was heaven. 

His blonde make-up girl, I can’t think of her name at the moment right now, was there & Craig embarrassed her a bit as usual. Someone in the crowd eventually asked him to show us his socks to which he happily obliged as George Gray oo’d & aww’d.

That’s all I can remember at the moment. I should’ve written this sooner but I did sign a confidentiality agreement that I think was nulled when The Hollywood Reporter broke the story & Craig confirmed via Twitter. In closing, Craig is a National fucking treasure. He’s only the third person to ever host the show. If you have any questions, inbox me & maybe I can answer them. I’m sure watching tomorrow will jog my memory.

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